IHC has constructed over 30 PCCP airfield projects in the last 20 years that have included work for fifteen separate airport authorities, military agencies or private fixed base operators and totaled nearly $650 million. Our projects have ranged in size from less than $1 million to greater than $100 million. We have won numerous local awards, and five national American Concrete Pavement Association awards, for the "Best PCC Pavement Constructed in the USA" in Military/Commercial and General Aviation categories.
highways and roadways
IHC has been building highways for state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) since 1947. We have won numerous awards for quality, partnering and project management. Our highway projects have ranged in size from less than $1 million to over $30 million. Over the last ten years our primary DOT customers, served from our division offices, have included Michigan, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Arkansas. Internationally, in conjunction with Cemex, we have constructed roads and concession toll roads in Mexico, introducing modern slipform methods for PCCP in a technology transfer program initiated by Cemex with Mexican transportation officials.
design build
IHC has been the successful Prime Contractor on projects with significant Design-Build elements. IHC, with our design partner, selected alignment modifications meeting geometric standards for sight distance; analyzed alternate pavement sections; and provided design for traffic phasing management.
industrial pavement
IHC has the resources, people and specialty equipment to build large truck or freight storage lots using either PCC pavement or roller compacted concrete (RCC). Our RCC capabilities, employing a central mix pug mill and GPS machine placement, are an excellent choice for product fit-for-purpose and economy. RCC is a low cement factor, dry compacted concrete mixture that provides excellent durability and load carrying capacity, and offers economy over traditional PCC in applications where surface tolerances are not as critical. IHC has placed cement-treated bases using the same methodology for many years, recently constructing over 900,000 square yards of 8" thick cement-treated base for a new 16,000' runway complex at DIA.
roller compacted concrete
Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) pavements have become an increasingly popular alternative to both asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavements. Industry acceptance of RCC pavements has been fueled by a long history of successful applications in the industrial pavement marketplace, as well as more recent success in roadway applications. IHC's experience in the production and placement of RCC pavements includes projects for owners such as the Denver International Airport, and the US Army Corps of Engineers whose specifications and quality standards are the highest in the industry.
bridges and structures
The IHC team has constructed numerous bridges and structures, including precast, prestressed and cast-in-place. Our in-house staff has the expertise to scope and construct complex structures with a capable field team which will construct the end product safely, on-time and with the highest quality.
water resources
IHC has experience on numerous projects for mixing cement with soil or aggregates to provide cement stabilized subgrade, subbase or base for highway and airfield pavements. This practice has been carried into the water resources field with great success. A variety of names, including soil-cement, cement-treated base, and roller compacted concrete describe the product; however, the construction methodologies are essentially the same. They all use compaction equipment to achieve density in a soil-aggregate-cement combination at or less than optimum moisture.