About Us

Full Service

IHC is a full-service heavy-civil contractor whose focus is building highways, airfields, streets & local roads, parking lots, industrial pavements and water resource projects. We primarily serve the Rocky Mountain West, the Midwest and the Southwest United States. IHC strives for efficient operations and to be accountable while maintaining principled relationships with our customers. We believe partnering and teamwork are essential to providing the product and services our customers deserve.

Customer Service

We have objectively measured our customer satisfaction, for each and every project built since 1988, using a detailed annual survey in which our Owners evaluate our operational performance. The results of those surveys are consistently high, indicating our dedication to customer service. We use these results to continually serve our customers better by promoting IHC's continuous improvement policy within our workforce. This feedback we get from our partners is the basis for making necessary changes that our customers say better serve them.

Quality and Safety/Environmental

Our process controls deliver consistent high quality and a safe construction site for the public and for all our workers. Our objective is to do things right the first time with a high degree of employee and public safety and with minimal disruption to the traveling public and the Owner's operations.


Our greatest pride is in the longevity of our workforce. We believe that key employees' length of tenure is the greatest measure of the quality of an organization - not only in the quality of work performed for our customers, but of equal importance, as a measure of the quality of the principles, morals, and integrity of the company values. The culmination of this employee spirit and pride is evident in the numerous awards IHC has received. These awards range from those received for superior operational performance on projects to those received for partnering, quality, safety and project management.

IHC Excels

That drive to excel extends into other areas of IHC's operational and decision-making processes. We take pride in our active participation in the communities our operations affect, and giving back to those communities and the Owners who have made us successful. We believe this active community involvement plays a vital part in our commitment not only to the construction industry, but also to the members of the communities that we affect.