Over the years, IHC has proven to be an outstanding firm in our industry. We consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. Here, you can take a look at just a few of the more recent accolades we've received in the many years we've been in business.

"At our council meeting last night, you guys got some props from a council woman. She said in the meeting "thank you to the road crews, who are doing a great job". After the meeting I said thank you, and would pass it along. She told me that she had talked to you guys, was somewhat intimidated, but you were very kind. She said that you treated her "like royalty" while you were working in her neighborhood. So thank you for being IHC and great representatives of the public works department! Truly appreciate it."

Brad Meyering, Public Works Director: City of Castle Pines, CO


"This type of quality work has caused me to set my expectations higher when evaluating work performed by other Concrete Paving Contractors throughout the Southwest U.S.  As a Quality Assurance Inspector, they made my task easier."

Sam Hamby, Senior Inspector, Ground Engineering; U.S. Highway 36, CO


"The Colorado Department of Transportation is pleased to announce the early completion of work on I-70 eastbound resurfacing in Glenwood Canyon, east of Hanging Lake Tunnel. CDOT contractor Interstate Highway Construction (IHC) of Englewood, CO, had a contract for a 94-working-day project and instead completed the work in 78.5 days-or 15.5 days early.

"Excellent work was done and it's very impressive that IHC could complete this project in only 78 days, considering some of the weather delays."

Roland Wagner, Resident Engineer, Colorado Department of Transportation; Glenwood Canyon, CO


"Really impressed with the speed, efficiency and teamwork to get this done literally overnight." (Emergency ramp repair)

Rick Solomon, Supervisor, Permits Section, CDOT Region 1 Traffic Section; Castle Pines, CO


"We are very pleased with IHC's early completion of this contract, as well as the quality of their work." Opening of westbound lanes 10 days ahead of contract completion date."

Roland Wagner, Colorado Department of Transportation, Public Notice; Glenwood Canyon, CO


"...we absolutely maximized the money entrusted to us for this project. Thanks to IHC...this has been one of the best construction projects that I have ever seen and you can rest assured every dime we spent on this project ended up fixing the roads in our community!"

James McGrady,  Interim City Manager/Utility Director; City of Castle Pines, CO


"The inspection went very well, no deficient items were noted. ...You have done a great job ensuring a a safe job site. Keep up the great effort."

Air Force Academy, COE; Colorado Springs, CO


"We would like to praise Interstate Highway Construction for the manner in which they have conducted their business during the recent weeks...for example prior to beginning their work, they contacted...this area concerning any possible problems...and cooperated completely with the needs of the neighborhood."

Owners Fred and Linda Sachs; Prospect Plaza, Trinidad, CO


"This was a class act from day one on this effort! It was very organized, issues were dealt with swiftly and the customer was very pleased with the total outcome of the project."

Bradley Morello, JSF-ITF Site Support Manager; Edwards AFB, CA


"I told Matt Singel of the Cement Council of Texas the other day how apprehensive I was when I learned you folks were putting down the RCC for McCarthy [on the Bayport Terminal Complex Container Yard]. I told Matt that you guys just blew us away! The quality and cooperation we got from the IHC and staff was truly a sight to behold."

Jim McQueen, Chief Construction Manager; Port of Houston Authority, TX


"Without exception, I was treated with utmost respect that went above the call of duty. I can honestly say that the staff on site is the most helpful, courteous and friendly I have ever worked with."

Debra Davis, Office of Human Concern, SH-71 Miller County, AR


"...completed the attached customer evaluation form, but I wanted to be sure that you were aware and that you made your employees aware of the high quality of work performed by them on this project."

Town of Elizabeth, CO


"IHC without a doubt is one of the best contractors I personally have had the pleasure of working with in my 25+ years in the business."

Paul Rasmussen, TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System (subcontractor); DIA Parking Mgmt. & Revenue Control System - Denver, CO


"...has been by far the most complex we have worked together on since the building of DIA. IHC's entire team should be commended for the effort they put forth as part of the overall team in making this such a successful project."

"Throughout the project, the IHC staff showed diligence and the highest regard for safety as well as convenience...IHC personnel was proactive, suggested changes to improve the project and was responsive when we required changes."

City & County of Denver; DIA Parking Management & Revenue Control System- Denver, CO


...[IHC] consistently produced high quality construction in a timely manner. [IHC] delivered an outstanding project ahead of schedule with minimal impacts to the traveling public.

IHC willingly worked with CDOT when change orders were required to provide the best product for the public. In addition IHC's construction phasing and planning dramatically accelerated the schedule..."

 CDOT Project Manager; C-470 Reconstruction - Morrison, CO