I-25 Colorado State Line


Project Focus

This $15.5 million project for the Wyoming DOT removed and replaced 7.64 miles of nearly fifty year old plain concrete pavement on NB I-25 from Cheyenne to the Colorado State Line with new 10", jointed, doweled concrete pavement and concrete shoulders. The project scope included rehabilitation of 4 bridges, concrete "whitetopping" of the Port-of-Entry while replacing static and weigh-in-motion scales, installation of median cable guardrail, new ROW fencing, a roadway management system, interchange lighting and winter road closure station.

Project Details

Schedule & Complexity
The 212 day schedule required the best efforts of the entire contracting team to avoid conflicts and quickly solve problems. Over 2,500 heavy trucks per day, along with passenger cars made traffic control a primary factor. Bridges over the railroad required careful coordination with train schedules. Value engineering proposals to crush on grade and to substitute geo-grid for lime stabilized subgrade provided cost savings and allowed the project to be completed one month ahead of schedule.

Workzone safety was the number one priority on this project. A Traffic Control Supervisor was on the job 24/7, weekly meetings were held with WY DOT and enforced with daily reviews by the TCS and the Contractor. Traffic was detoured head-to-head onto the SB lanes, utilizing median cross-overs and centerline vertical barricades. Two intersections within the project limits were kept open at all times. The Contractor was able to better the WY DOT 21-day limit on ramp detours. Although this project was subjected to the high volume of traffic during Cheyenne Frontier Days and periods of extremely high, damaging winds, the commitment to total safety led to the project receiving a Wyoming Contractors Association Safety Award.

Construction & Innovation
Concrete was mixed on-site in a Rex model S plant, hauled in tandem trucks and end dump trailers and placed with a Guntert Zimmerman 1500 Paver set at 38" width and equipped with an automatic dowel bar inserter.

WY DOT called for the existing PCCP pavement and the asphalt shoulders to be recycled into a strong new uniform base. In addition the Contractor worked with WY DOT to provide additional "green" benefits, implementing a value engineering proposal to crush the existing pavement on the grade, eliminating significant trucking and fuel requirements that would have been needed to move the demolished concrete to a central crushing site and then returned to the grade.

After significant WY DOT research into national practice with a clear concern about the balance between safety and noise reduction, this was the first project in Wyoming to be built with longitudinal tines placed in the plastic surface.

The DOT was pleased with the outcome, receiving many positive public comments about the smoothness, and especially the quiet ride of the new pavement. With careful attention to process controls and equipment setup, the Contractor earned 100% of available incentives for thickness, and 63% for smoothness.